why Rimini is a perfect holiday destination


Top 5 reasons why choosing Rimini for your holiday

Well, there’s more than 5… much more. 🙂

Rimini and Riccione are just like a huge holiday resort, and in our hotels we keep the same approach.
The result is a mix
between the ‘social oriented’ experience of a youth hostel,  the fun and entertaining activities of a party holiday resort in Rimini, and the quality of a 3-star hotel at incredibly reasonable prices.

1) Nightlife: Rimini & Riccione have a loooong time tradition in Italian-style entertainment. Dive deep into “the Riviera’s” party mood. World-famous Clubs, great bars, beach parties and all that Summer Heat…

2) Beach: Sun, Sea, Sand, Hotel offers including Sunbed & welcome drinks. Lots of sports and beach fun, but also relax & chill out on the most young-oriented beach in Rimini.
Beach N° “106b Cocobeach” (official Young People Hotels’s partner) is the Hot Spot during your stay at Young People Hotels for all daytime beach entertainment, such as beach volley or beach tennis tournaments, games and “beach fun olympics” (hosted by our staff), water sports (banana boat, pedal boats, sailing), and water parks (Boabay, Aquafan)

3) Party: non stop, or almost so!
By day and night, Rimini & Riccione can offer definitely ANYTHING young party-goers want to get their UNIQUE holiday experience! An Aperitivo, anyone?

4) New Friends: summertime in Italy, that’s always been the right place, at the right time, to find cool people, new friends or even… a new love!
Mix with thousands of young people from all over Italy and around the world and experience what only HERE can happen to you.
Enjoy your holiday!

5) Food: Italian food doesn’t need much presentation, right. And that’s of course not only about pizza and pasta… Go, discover and taste all you can. It happens that Rimini is in the middle of the recently nominated “Region with the best cuisine in world”, according to the well-known magazine Forbes… and to us all Rimini-people of course 😉

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