Summer Holiday Formulas in Rimini

Hotels for young people in their 18s-30s in Rimini


3 Hotels all very close to each other and by the beach 🙂

Our Holiday Pack Formulas include Hotels + Clubs + Sunbeds on the beach! You can choose yours according to your needs and your preference 😉

Discounted tickets for the coolest club of Rimini & Riccione, first of all Carnaby Club – one of most famous clubs in Rimini, but also Baia Imperiale, Altro Mondo Studios, Peter Pan and many more.

Discounts for your sunbed on the beach as well as much more activities and options….

No more neverending researches to find the best rates and the closest entertaining spots.

We already thought about that, because we care.


6 February 2019

How to reach Rimini by flight

How to reach Rimini by flight (Rimini and Bologna Airport), by train and by bus. Find here all the useful information.
29 January 2019

5 things to check BEFORE booking a vacation in Rimini

When booking your holiday in Rimini, don't rush but consider these 5 advices.
29 January 2019

MIR- Music Inside Rimini | 5-7 May 2019

Our special offer in Hotel for the MIR- Music Inside Rimini 2019.
19 April 2018

Eat as much as you want!

Eat as much as you want with our breakfast and dinner 'all you can eat'