regole per divertirsi a rimini


Here’s our advice for a peaceful and friendly living together, based on very few rules but on a lot of good sense…

    1. Respect other people’s rest!
      Loud Music and Room Parties at night might be quite disturbing if your neighbour wants to sleep. That’s why they made disco-clubs with djs inside…
    2. Bottled drinks in the Rooms
      It is forbidden to bring bottled drinks in the rooms, because it is so easy to get hurt with a broken glass, or if it accidentally falls down from your balcony…
    3. Rooms are NO SMOKING
      But you do can smoke on your balcony. Just pay attention and don’t drop sigarettes from up there.
    4. Balconies & Neighborhood
      Unfortunately, we are not in the desert.
      We do have neighbours, and they deserve some peace if they want.
      So, please, avoid any noise on balconies after 23.00
    5. Watch the Volume
      It’s always about respect.
      Consider that many people could not give a damn about your favourite music. So keep it down, and put those headphones on.
    6. Room Cleaning
      Rooms will be cleaned every day if you hang the specific “free way” card on your door, but only if you can do that before 12.00… If not, try again tomorrow 😉
    7. No Stocks From Home
      Please, don’t bring a stock of beer/liqueurs/booze from home. Firstly, you would not be allowed to bring them into your room (see rule #2). Secondly: drinks at the hotel’s bar are so cheap you can’t believe it, and all drinks are freshly prepared. Drink Responsibly.

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