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How much does it cost to eat in Rimini on average?

Usually a “pizza Margherita” (which is one of the cheapest pizzas) with a beer or a soft drink can range from 10€ to 15€. A burger with potato chips in a pub more or less the same. Fast food, Kebab and Piadina Stands (Rimini local street food) obviously cost a little less (also under 10 €) because the food is to be taken away and there is no table service. Restaurants: a 2 courses meat menu is about 25-35 €(depends on the meat: sausages or chicken are cheaper than a beef steak). For a standard fish meal it takes from 35 € up.

What is the best way to move around Rimini and Riccione?

Line buses are cheap and convenient (Rimini Bus timetables and routes available online or at the reception). There are taxi cabs of course, but they are very expensive.
Unfortunately, Uber is not yet fully legal in Italy … As for the specific area where our hotels are located (Marebello and Rivazzurra), for short hikes or seafront tours you can use our bicycles (free of charge), without forgetting that beach, bars and clubs are all very close and within walking distance. Almost all night clubs offer shuttle services.

    Is it true that restaurants on the seafront of Rimini are of low quality because they are very touristy?

No. It may sound strange, but the average level of restaurants in the tourist area (waterfront and beaches) is quite high. There are a lot of good restaurants at a convenient price. The fact that they are in the tourist area is almost never synonymous with ‘cheting tourists’. Indeed, having many customers allows quality to raise. Hard to keep an updated list (of course there are also many not-recommended spots), but just ask for advice to the staff or to locals … Rimini-people believe eating is a serious thing and they definitely are always happy to suggest a good restaurant!

    What is the minimum age to enter the night clubs in Rimini?

In most of the clubs it is 16 years old, in some others 18. For example, at Carnaby the minimum age is 16.

    What is the minimum age for drinking alcohol?

Since February 2017, Italian law forbids to sell and serve alcohol under the age of 18. Funny fact: no law forbids to drink alcohol though.

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