Eat as much as you want with our breakfast and dinner buffet!

It can’t be a coincidence that all hotel review sites quote our buffet as among the most appreciated services…. this is what you read almost anywhere on the cyberspace!

BREAKFAST: Well, actually what you get here is a brunch. Or nearly a fully loaded lunch..
Sweet or Savoury? Choose from the classic continental breakfast with tea/coffee milk, toast-butter-jam, juices, italian style brioches etc or a heavier one with eggs, bread, cold meat, cheeses and fruits like in the north of Europe (or in great parts of Dolomites).

Remember that in the summer our breakfast buffet service is open until 12.00… so that you are not being forced into “wake up and eat… or starve” like situation

DINNER: From 18:45 to 20:45 our buffet is open for you in “all you can eat” mode.  (summer period)
Every day expect a different menu with “the best of” series from the local, italian and international cuisine.
From appetizers to the dessert your only concern would be about weighing yourself after the holiday…

But if you really want to hold on to your shape,  there is always lots of vegetables, salads and fresh fruits

and if you are vegetarian you will be just fine here.

Other kinds of allergies and food intolerances ? Keep us informed and we will tell you what to avoid at our buffets.

Don’t want pork? ok, we are sorry for you for what you are going to miss,  though we have excellent alternatives, always.

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