5 things to do in Rimini & Riccione during New Year’s Time

capodanno a rimini 5 buoni motivi

New Year in Rimini, 5 things to do

1. Rimini Christmas Square:

3 december 2019 – 6 january 2020
Rimini Old Town – “Piazza Cavour” (Cavour Square)

Enjoy 600 sq. meters of ice skating rink, right in the middle of the city square, including a food area with snacks, drinks and gallons of hot mulled wine!


2. Riccione Christmas Village:

How about some shopping in Riccione – Viale Ceccarini (most fancy Riccione’s street, famous fashion brands have their shops here).

The Ice skating track is long and narrow, along the whole “Viale”. On the sides, shops, stores and of course a Christmas market with candies, food and hot drinks

3. Dive in the Adriatic Sea:

Only the brave (and the coolest!)
Traditionally, the toughest locals challenge the cold and on New Year’s day, gathering next to the harbor to dive in the ice cold winter salty waters of the sea. They say it is healthy and empowering. For sure it’s freezing. Whay not giving it a try?

party al carnaby

4. Double Party at Carnaby:

shopping done? Aperitivo done? Skating done? Well now it’s time to party hard! Carnaby Club is open for 2 nights (30th and 31st december)
Check out capodanno.carnaby.it for all details!

5. A Piada and a good glass of Sangiovese wine:

We call it “Piada”, or “Piadina”, it’s Rimini’s local flat bread and it’s – Oh! – so delicious. Filled with Prosciutto, Cheese or vegetables, it’s always surprisingly good. But how about trying a hand made one, prepared right in front of your eyes? Here’s where the best are:

– “Dalla Lella” via Rimembranze (beach N. 85)
– “Dalla Lella” Kennedy Square (beach N. 27)
– “Nud e Crud” in Borgo San Giuliano

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